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This program is a wonderful. When workers from the program spoke at a previous HIA meeting, they said they welcome all calls and they relish looking for scholarship and grant opportunities!

The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College seeks opportunities to collaborate with organizations such as community councils during these challenging times.

Please be aware that EOC continues to operate remotely to assist low income and first-generation individuals in navigating the post-secondary education processes. Our virtual services include:

· Financial Aid Advising

o Help with completing federal and state financial aid forms

o Grant and scholarship information

o Help in understanding the paperwork with schools’ financial aid policies

o Assistance with student loan default

· Admission Assistance

o Assistance in completing applications for admission and other enrollment forms

o Referrals to programs at the school or program of the individual choice

o Helping to identify post-secondary options that meet individuals’ needs and interests

· Career Assessment

o Help match individual’s interest, abilities and values with specific career areas

o Information regarding the job market, career projections, and appropriate training

EOC is also diligently working, in compliance with CDC COVID-19 guidelines, to insure a safe environment for the remote academic assistance and assessment services that includes:

· Brush Up Tutoring for High School Equivalency (HSE)/diploma and post-secondary assessments

· Referrals to Adult Education Centers for extensive HSE assistance and other tutoring services

· Official High School Equivalency (HSE) test administration, planned to resume in the future

Please feel free to contact EOC so that we can, together, help our citizens make their educational dreams a reality. Our EOC staff, Betty Richard, Michael Vaughn, Michelle Burney, and Arlene Brown are here to serve.

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