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Duke Energy Inspections

Duke Energy is focused on providing our customers with safe, reliable and efficient natural gas service. As part of that service, we must comply with various federal and state regulations and need your assistance in accessing our natural gas equipment located on your premises. Leak and corrosion inspections are performed in Ohio and Kentucky. The inspections are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and are necessary for safe natural gas pipeline operations.

piping inspections If you received a letter or door hanger There is no cost to you associated with these inspections. We have partnered with Southern Cross to complete these inspections at residences and businesses with inside natural gas meters. Southern Cross technicians will be readily identifiable by:

  • Wearing visible Southern Cross picture identification on the outside of their uniforms

  • Having a contact phone number for the customer to call for verification

  • Driving a vehicle marked with a Southern Cross logo, not a Duke Energy logo

To complete this inspection, we will need access to our natural gas meter and associated piping from where this equipment enters the premises to the natural gas meter. We will also need the Duke Energy natural gas customer or a designated adult representative to be present at the premises to provide the inspection crew with the needed access. If your inside metering equipment requires an inspection, you will receive a letter, door hanger and/or phone call requesting an appointment for the inspection. How the inspection is performed:

  • Typically, an inspection takes 10 minutes to complete.

  • A certified contractor from Southern Cross enters the building and inspects Duke Energy-owned exposed natural gas piping and metering equipment for leakage and corrosion.

  • The inspector may paint exposed piping up to the outlet of the meter, if required.

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