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Grants for Youth

Hamilton County Launches Grants to Inspire Youth

Inspire Youth Initiative Helps Prepare Kids for Bright & Healthy Futures

Hamilton County Commissioners have authorized up to $250,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to support grassroots organizations committed to providing opportunities to improve the well-being of young people.

Hamilton County’s Inspire Youth Initiative provides grants of up to $5,000 to community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, churches, nonprofits, youth groups, and others to help provide activities that improve the physical, mental, and social health of Hamilton County youth in low- to moderate-income communities. This initiative targets these grassroots organizations that have the advantage of understanding the needs of the community from the ground level.

Research has shown social determinants of health such as access to quality education and supportive social and community activities can drastically improve the well-being of young people.

This unique grant program allows groups providing these services to tell Hamilton County where gaps in access to supportive programming exist. The goal of the Inspire Youth Initiative is to help support creative and effective methods that empower youth to learn, grow, and aspire to achieve. The grants will cover the costs of supplies, uniforms, and equipment for social clubs, sports teams, or other youth groups. The grants will also directly fund enrichment activities such as educational, cultural, or natural outings, events, and activities.

To learn more about the Inspire Youth Initiative and to apply, visit


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