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Assistance with grants would be appreciated!

Last year we received 21,138.00 in grant money!

Most of that money is for the 2022 year. There are still a LOT of grant opportunities available. We currently have four people on our Hartwell Improvement Association Board and a person who does membership and the online newsletter. We definitely need help to pursue more opportunities and grants. There are currently three grants we have already for 2022, but I know of at least four other opportunities RIGHT NOW. We could apply for these grants to help improve our neighborhood!! Currently two of us attend at least 6 meetings each month. Fortunately a lot of meetings are currently being offered online. Any grant we apply for has deadlines and meetings, and we just don't have time. If a few people took on a little bit it would be a lot more manageable and not as much commitment.

Besides working on grant opportunities, we could use more help in getting things done. One example would be another clean up. Anthony Wayne could use attention along with a few other areas.

If you would like to join our board, help our event committee, beautification committee or business district committee, please let us know. Message me or email hartwell.1912.improvemet@


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