Help Needed

Updated: Aug 22

Any area near a railroad is occasionally cut by the City as a courtesy. These areas are actually the Railroads responsibility. Because the City is unable to keep up with every area through the city that needs attention, the HIA tries to maintain the islands by Woodbine and Galbraith. The HIA will pay a little over 2,000$ this season to have the islands and large field on Hartwell Ave maintained. If we did not, the weeds and grass would be as high as by the 75 ramps. I am working on getting some of the weeds cut down in the islands as well. The HIA pays $2600 a year to have the flower pots on Vine planted, changed out 3 times a year and watered all season. Supposedly CVS plans to take care of their lot(partial cut second week of Aug)and Springfield Township is doing what they can regarding BP(some of the weeds cut down second week of August). We have a request in to get some of the tree wells on Vine cleaned out. The business in front of those wells should be maintaining them, but as you drive down Vine you can see where that has been lacking. There are several other areas here in Hartwell that have been maintained by residents. Dan Torbeck maintains the gateway sign as you come into Hartwell from Carthage on Vine. He also picks up trash daily and has helped weed the Galbraith banks. I believe Jamey Focke mows for the Mutual Arts Center and near the railroad by Monon. Art Swanson has been picking up trash near the islands by Lees. Jane Messingschlager mows near the sidewalk at the corner of Millsdale and Woodbine and Kyle picks up trash 7 days a week. Another women cleans up around Kroger daily as well. Lois Smith and Andrea have cared for the gateway sign at Vine and Galbraith, the area by the tracks the ‘Galbraith Banks’, the gateway sign near Woodbine and Galbraith as well as the flower bed islands on Woodbine near Parkway.…these large areas need new caretakers. Green Living By Design has done some free and some paid work in our area, including a section of the Galbraith Banks. If you would like to volunteer and pitch in on your own schedule, please do. If you think you can get a group together to adopt a spot Please Do !! If you need tools or supplies let me know! If you are already doing something Thank You ! If you are inclined to let me know if you plan to adopt a spot that would be very helpful. If you would like to join the HIA there is a link to join on this website

You do not need to be a member to help out or come to our meetings or events!