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Liaison and Grant Opportunity

Would you be interested in helping with this? District Four is asking for assistance. Please let me know by messaging me or emailing Also, let me know if you would like to help us work on a grant proposal! I have included a link with info for this grant below. The assistant City Managers Office is working with Council Member Landsman on facilitating the next round of funding for the Cincinnati Safe and Clean grant program. Safe and Clean projects are submitted by communities using the SARA model and are evaluated by a committee consisting of staff from Cincinnati Police, Department of Public Services, DCED, and a Keep Cincinnati Beautiful staff member. One idea that is being explored is adding community members to the evaluation panel who have been involved in making our communities a safer place. I am looking for anyone from the Hartwell Community who may be a good fit for this opportunity and wants to be involved. I can provide more information on this as I receive it.


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