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Monon drainage issues update

I wanted to give you an update on SMU’s attempt to construct a drainage improvement on Monon. When OPWC funding fell through the first time, DOTE was going to re-apply in the Fall of 2022. Unfortunately, DOTE did not request OPWC funding for any projects last Fall. They thought the City might have better luck applying for a Transportation Infrastructure Grant (TIG) in June of 2023. DOTE agreed to include Monon in the application. When I checked on the application status in July, I found out that the requirements were tighter than DOTE expected and Monon was not included.

The next potential opportunity for a drainage improvement on Monon is in conjunction with a paving project in 2025. DOTE will be paving some streets in Hartwell and they might include Monon. SMU has evaluated the drainage problem many times, and DOTE has surveyed the street. Unfortunately, there is no good way to address the drainage without addressing the street. I will keep you in the loop when I receive clarification on the DOTE projects for 2025.


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