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Mutual Arts Recital

WORLD PREMIERES: AN IMMERSIVE DANCE EXPERIENCE REVEALED IN CHAPTERS IMMERSE YOURSELF in a dance theatre experience that will take you on two, different adventures, both revealed in chapters. In Pulp, as you surround the performers in Mutual Arts Center’s black box studio, you will first begin by helping to choose a unique sequence of events that will never again be performed in that same order. You and other fellow audience members will simultaneously perceive a common object, but interpret it differently as perspective is weighed in pithy moments. In Variations in a Brainstorm, letters, writings, and musings — all tied to a writing desk — will guide you through a tour of divergent identities. In the end, both adventures unearth the human mind’s vast ability to make connections. Dates and Times FRI | NOV 12, ’21 @ 8pm SAT | NOV 13, ’21 @ 8pm FRI | NOV 19, ’21 @ 8pm SAT | NOV 20, ’21 @ 8pm Location Mutual Arts Center HARTWELL 8222 Monon Ave Cincinnati, OH 45216

TICKET PRICES $20 when you purchase before Oct 20 $25 when you purchase after Oct 21

All seats are general admission


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