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October neighborhood clean up!

Usually the Hartwell Improvement Association sponsors a fall clean up day. This year we are encouraging everyone to take the next two weeks to help out around Hartwell, however it work for you, on your own schedule. We will need help planting new flowers in the flower pots on Vine either the second or third week of October...let me know if you would like to adopt a pot. We will have the flowers, just need help planting them along Vine St. Some other ideas would be to prune the suckers that grow on the trees along Vine St, help out a neighbor, or to pick up trash. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is sponsoring the one bag of trash challenge, so if you pick up trash, this would be a fun way to participate with KCB. ! Some of you may have noticed the Galbraith Banks area could use some maintenance, the HIA is having that work done later in October. It will be cleaned up and mulched. Thank you everyone for making Hartwell a great place to live!


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