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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our neighborhood clean up today ! The folks at Cramer Hardware (on Vine) were especially nice giving us a discount on the mulch we bought and as always, helpful advice. We had 13 residents, business owner Daniel Torbeck and 7 kids and coach from the Midwest Takeover Club Baske ball team come out to help Hartwell! 27 bags of mulch were put down by Vine & Galbraith. Vine street from Friends to Kroger,had litter and glass picked up. Galbraith,from the Highway to Drake, litter was picked up and the railroad tracks on the Parkway side, had litter picked up. Ken & Pete pulled up the dead bushes behind the Hartwell sign on Galbraith by Woodbine. I think we will try to throw an evening clean up soon & hit up a couple areas we did not get too. Thank you for coming out & thank you to people who do things at other times for Hartwell !! & Thank you to the Hartwell Rec Center letting us use their facilities, storage & the Director & helper who worked on their day off!!


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