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Traffic & pedestrian safety

From the department of Transportation and engineering. Please email with any suggestions before 11-30-2020

I’m reaching out to let you know about a few pedestrian safety projects that the Department of Transportation and Engineering has slated for your neighborhood in the next few months. We will be converting the existing parallel line crosswalks to high visibility “zebra” crosswalks at:

  • Vine and Shadybrook

  • Vine and Ferndale

  • Vine and Galbraith

We will also be installing a new crosswalk and signage on Vine at Parkway (near Kroger) to try to encourage pedestrians to cross in a predictable spot as there have been a few pedestrian crashes in that area.

We are also starting to develop our work plan for FY21 funds. It would be helpful to know if your neighborhood has any pedestrian safety requests such as:

  • Installing new crosswalks

  • Restriping existing faded crosswalks

  • Installing “Yield to Pedestrians” crosswalk paddles (can only be installed at locations without a signal or stop sign)

  • Installing upgraded (brighter) pedestrian safety signs at crosswalks

  • Installing stop signs

  • Installing street lights at crosswalks

  • Installing curb extensions (bump outs) at crosswalks


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