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24/25 Hartwell budget requests

Recent Hartwell community requests and responses for the 24/25 budget. Copy of the approved budget for Cincinnati _City of Cincinnati Budget Book - Biennial Recommended (

Ask For the Hartwell Recreation Center and Hartwell Playground we are asking for 2 items. We would like the recreation center to have an electronic sign. This is a prominent corner with high visibility. We believe an electronic sign may help with advertising activities held at the Recreation Center. We would also like to ask for some toddler equipment at the Hartwell playground located at Ferndale and Burns Ave.

Response Department Comments: CRC is currently installing new signage at the many CRC sites; recreation centers are part of a later phase. The electronic signage can be installed, if funding is available and it is approved by all agencies involved. CRC will work with the community to find a piece of playground equipment for 2-5 ages to be installed at the Hartwell Recreation Area.

Request steps or railing near the railroad tracks, on at least one side of the incline. This area is near the corner of Sheehan and Woodbine. This will help make the area more walkable for our elderly, or impaired residents. We spoke with Angie Strunc with development who spoke with Rich Pohana with the ODOT steps program.

Department Comments: Steps and walk will be installed on the north side. DOTE agrees that the steepness of the slope is excessive and that a set of steps is an appropriate solution. DOTE will need to coordinate with the Railroad, which can be a challenge and could increase the cost or delay the project.

Request We would like to have a traffic study of the area, primarily, the intersection of Vine and Galbraith. This area has a clover that everyone avoids, a light that has to be red to turn left onto Vine, when heading East on Galbraith, and there is increased traffic down many side streets. A large number of drivers use side streets to avoid the intersection altogether. Vine street itself from Compton down to Caldwell, could use improvements. From the no right onto Compton coming south on Vine( that everyone ignores), awkward parking, the line of cars in the street turning into Lee’s and the lights so close together near Kroger, the area certainly could use a good look.

Department Comments: Traffic Engineering studied the request for changes at the Vine and Galbraith intersection and have found changes were not warranted. Traffic Engineering will evaluate the request for changes at Vine and Compton and will contact the Community Council with our results

We would really appreciate our Vine street to get attention as far as grassy sidewalks and overgrown tree wells. Some of the businesses and owners are lackadaisical in keeping up maintenance. I have mentioned this to public works and Kurt Kastner with Urban forestry. Kurt did seem unsure, thinking the only way to clean out the tree wells would be to cut them down, which seems a shame. Department Comments: The Department of Public Services (DPS) does not maintain landscaping in tree wells and does not control the installation or removal of the trees or the maintenance of sidewalks. Cincinnati Parks receives funding for all urban trees and the Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE) permits all construction of tree wells and provides oversight of sidewalk maintenance


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