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Hartwell, Ohio History: Interstate 75

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Interstate 75

In 1959, Interstate 75 (I-75) was laid down just to the east of Hartwell. Known for many years around here as the "Millcreek Expressway," it overtook cornfields and basically cut Hartwell off from Arlington Heights and the hills of Edgemont Terrace. In the 1990s the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway worked its way into our landscape and in the process, Woodbine Avenue no longer runs all the way through the neighborhood to Wayne; there is now a well-kept little cul-de-sac that is left to itself in the shadow of an overpass.


See many of the historical sites, buildings and homes with our Hartwell History Google Map! You can download the Hartwell History Google Map to your computer or smart phone with this link. Once you've opened it in Google Maps, you can find it again by clicking the 3 lines in the upper left corner near the search bar, then select "Your Places" and click to "Maps".



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