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Hartwell, Ohio History: Street Names

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Sturgis Ave in Hartwell, Ohio

The ORIGINAL Hartwell, Ohio Street Names

When the streets were laid out and named, most were not known by the names we know them today. If your street is not included in this list, it may not have existed in 1880!


You can download the Hartwell History Google Map (below) to your computer or smart phone with this link. Once you've opened it in Google Maps, you can find it again by clicking the 3 lines in the upper left corner near the search bar, then select "Your Places" and click to "Maps".


From north to south, here are the old names, with the current ones in parentheses:

  • Millsdale St. was called Mills

  • Hillsdale Ave. was called Highland

  • Hereford St. was called Bellevue

  • Hereford Ave./Ct. was called Maplewood

  • Sheehan Ave. from Vine St. to Burns was Sheehan

  • Sheehan Ave. from Burns Ave. to Anthony Wayne Ave. was called Central

  • Sheehan Ave. from Anthony Wayne Ave. to Dixie was called North Lane

  • Wiswell St. was called Williams

  • Curzon Ave. was called Sturgis

  • Anthony Wayne Ave. from Mills to Hartwell Ave. was called Wayne

  • Woodbine Ave. from Millsdale Ave. to Hunsford was called Woodbine

  • Woodsdale Ave. was called Woodlawn

  • Ferndale Ave. was called Fairview

  • Hunsford St. was called Lawn

  • Burns Ave. from Millsdale, across Galbraith to Glendale was called Burns Ave.

  • Galbraith Rd. from Vine St. to Burns and then including all of Hartwell Ave. was called Section

  • Parkway Ave. from Vine St. to Monon Ave. was called Cilley

  • Monon Ave. was called Ohio

  • Kearney Ave. was called N. Crescent

  • Parkway Ave. from Monon Ave. to Anthony Wayne Ave. was called Park

  • Wildwood St. was called Willow

  • Oakmont St. was called Oak

  • Avalon St. was called S. Crescent

  • DeCamp Ave. was called Central

  • Woodbine Ave. from the circle to Anthony Wayne was called Rural

  • Anthony Wayne from Hartwell Ave. to lower Woodbine Rd. was called Eastern

  • Vine Street was called Hamilton-Carthage Turnpike

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Membro desconhecido
27 de dez. de 2019

i am trying to find photos of the businesses that were on Galbraith Road during the 1950 and 1960s. I remember a drug store a grocery type store the library and a variety store. Do you have any information on this

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