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Rain Barrel Project

Rain Barrel Art Project 2022 The Project The Rain Barrel Art Project was created to promote the use of rain barrels throughout the Ohio River Valley through a creative and educational medium. The project is now in its 9th year. Rain barrels continue to grow in popularity across the country. However, one of its biggest drawbacks is their dull appearance. Some people are less likely to use them given the lack of aesthetic value they offer to residential and commercial landscaping, even though they conserve water and save money. We believe that producing beautiful artistic rain barrels that have unique painted details will make them more desirable and naturally promote their use. The Rain Barrel Art Project is designed to educate people on environmental issues like storm water runoff, watersheds and water conservation. 2022 Project Timeline - Tentative November 9, 2021 to January 21, 2022 - Entry Period (Click here to access the entry form) January 24 to January 26 - Selection Period January 28 - 2022 Artist Selection Released February 5, 10am- Noon - Artist Workshop and Rain Barrel Pick Up @ Cincinnati Zoo February 6 to March 25 - Painting Period Rain Barrel Drop Off Details are TBD April 1 to April 21 - Rain Barrels Displayed @ The Cincinnati Zoo April 10- April 21 - Rain Barrel Art Online Auction April 21 - Artist Reception @ Cincinnati Zoo **NEW** Sketch submission and barrel limits. Each artist may submit up to three sketches, but may only be awarded one barrel. Each teacher may submit up to 15 sketches, but may only be awarded two barrels. How do I participate? 1. Go to the entry form and submit your idea for approval. 2. If your design is approved, attend the artist workshop on February 5th. 3. Pick up your rain barrel at the end of the workshop. 4. Return your rain barrel and visit it at the Cincinnati Zoo.

What happens after I return the barrel? 1. Barrels are displayed throughout the Zoo between April 1 and April 21. 2. Barrels will be auctioned online. Auction dates April 11th to April 21st. 3. The money raised from the auction will be used for environmental education at and at the Zoo.


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