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Zoning Variance

New business coming to Hartwell. The offer to purchase the land has been accepted, next up, approval from Cincinnati. I have pasted one of our correspondence along with the business website. The HIA has sent a letter of approval for the zoning variance that is needed for this space to work. 'My business is an all organic sustainable landscape business with 3 specialized branches to our business, a market (which is the primary reason I would like to buy the land in Hartwell), an outdoor (landscape division), and a home division. I would really like to purchase the land in Hartwell because I think it is an ideal location for my Market. I would like to build an all Green Building with solar paneled roof to house our indoor market where we would sell locally raised produce, honey, and fresh eggs. Attached to the new green market would be a roof/covered area that would be our open air plant market where we would sell native and sustainable plants. On the property I would also like to have a farm style barn that would house our landscape equipment and dry good materials when not in use, we would also park the landscape vehicles there at the end of our work day, preferably more in the back portion of the property (southeast corner). Ideally I would also like to have 1-2 hoop houses to store back up plant materials for our market, and also plants for our upcoming landscape jobs. I am sensitive to the fact there are residents residing along the south side of the property line. Currently there is a buffer already in place of honeysuckle, brush, and some large trees as well as a 6' tall wood privacy fence. I would like to keep the privacy fence in place, as well as the large mature trees, and then I would propose maintaining a 20' wide buffer along the southside of the property (furthest from Galbraith Rd), this area would then be planted with large green giant arborvitae, white pines, norway spruce, and viburnums to create a nice evergreen privacy buffer to our neighbors. I also thought it might be nice to have community garden boxes in this space for the neighbors to use, and they would be available during business hours, or maybe a walking garden could be nice too. Around the remaining north and west sides of the property I would like to install a 6' tall horse fence with two driveway entry gates, one on the north side and one on the west side of the property. Horse fence is just a simple welded wire fence, with log style poles for the posts. Because we are an all green sustainable company I would like the property to have a nice farm and garden feel too it, which is why I propose a farm style barn for equipment over a standard metal pole barn. I would love for the property to become a place for community members to shop, grow their own local produce, and a place for community learning. I would like to host garden workshops and wellness events periodically throughout the year, these would be community based seminars and workshops to build community engagement. Hartwell is very close to where I live, and I like that I could easily drive to the property in 10-12 minutes. I love the location and the big planting that the city of Cincinnati and Hartwell did on the front hillside slope, as a landscape business we would happily maintain this area for the community, as it is in our best interest to always have a well maintained and beautifully landscape property all year round. I noticed that this property has been for sale every year since 2009, and these are just the records I can see from the Google street maps. I believe that the way it is currently zoned is preventing a viable business from utilizing the space. I would like to propose a use variance so that I could use the property as I have proposed above, but I would also like to know if I would have the support of the community and residents. I certainly don't want to put up a fight for land if my business won't be welcomed into the neighborhood. Other things you might need to know. Our landscape/home division is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, closed Saturday and Sundays. The market division would be open Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-5pm, and closed Sunday and Monday. I am a new female owned and operated business. We love plants, people, nature, and our shared environment. We want to create beautiful lasting spaces for everyone to enjoy. We promote healthy lifestyles and organic living. I am very open to suggestions. I would really like to work with the community, and respect the residents surrounding the land.


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