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free trees

Don't miss your 100% FREE tree ($75 value)! For the last 36 years, Cincinnati Parks’ Fall ReLeaf program has grown and improved the canopy coverage of our city, one tree at a time. The highly successful effort has given away 20,500 free trees, consisting of more than 40 species, to property owners across the city. Planting a tree is one of the easiest things you can do to combat global warming, capture stormwater runoff, and clean our air. Please consider helping keep the momentum going by marking your calendar to sign up for a tree for your property, and encouraging others to do the same.

The program targets neighborhoods with less than 40% tree canopy coverage. In an effort to increase tree canopy in these areas, applications will open for neighborhoods with less than 40% tree canopy on Saturday, September 9 at 8 AM, when you may click here to register. They include: Mt. Adams (31%) Walnut Hills (33%) East End (30%) Avondale (37%) Lower Price Hill (20%) Queensgate (10%) West End (14%) Over-the-Rhine (13%) Downtown (7%) Corryville (14%) Pendleton (12%) Camp Washington (8%) Carthage(33%) Hartwell (37%) Roselawn (26%) Bond Hill (25%) Madisonville (36%) Oakley (26%) Evanston (31%) Linwood (28%) The Fall ReLeaf program was​ established to provide shade trees for homeowners whose curb lawns were too narrow for tree planting, or for those with overhead utility lines. The program has blossomed to include community and school involvement, a more diverse tree species selection and backyard planting. This year’s program is made possible by our generous sponsors, MadTree Brewing, Dynegy, and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. Their support allows us to provide trees at a $75 value to Cincinnati property owners at no cost. Please help the cause by sharing this message with your networks, especially if you are part of a high priority neighborhood or know someone who is.


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