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Hartwell Country Club: An Oral and Photographic History

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Hartwell Country Club just before demolition.

A special place in many Cincinnatian's hearts was the Hartwell Country Club. Owned and operated by CG&E, many proms, dances, girl scout troops and weddings occurred there. In the area surrounding the Country Club golf games, baseball and softball games were also played in the area off Caldwell Drive behind the current CG&E/Duke building. In November 2018, the Hartwell Country Club was torn down, and the location reclaimed for storage by Duke Energy.

While it's sad to see it go, here is a little bit of the history to keep for the Hartwell records. Most of these photos are from Rose, who shared them online, and many Cincinnatian's and employees of CG&E shared their memories of the venue.

The Hartwell Country Club was originally a log cabin style building. When part of the building was burned down in the 1940's, the new structure replaced it.

The original Hartwell Country Club was a log cabin-style building.
We had our Monte Carlos for Colerain High School there for several years. It accommodated our function perfectly!
Dad & Mom had their wedding reception there in 1941
Many Mamselle Dances in the Mid 60’s at the Hartwell County Club. Before GPS it was hard to find if you weren’t familiar with the area. At least that’s what my date said when we got lost!
...loved golfing there.......also went to the Hamilton County Republican Christmas party there every year..........lots of fun memories.
My grandfather Harry Barlage was at CG&E from 1922-1972. Company picnics were held at the log cabin. It was constructed with left over power poles of course.

The are surrounding the Hartwell Country Club was used for softball, baseball, golfing and after game activities.

Where the "Rathskellar" was.
Had a couple [at the Rathskellar] quite a few times after the ball games.

Where the golf pro shop was.

My father worked at CG&E for many years and we went there for an employee’s Christmas part ever year during the 50’s and 60’s! They would start the party showing cartoons, then some sort of entertainment (like a magician). Then they would give away the door prizes and then Santa would arrive but only if we sang Jingle Bells! While the kids swarmed Santa, they would open up the side doors and every kid would get a bag containing a box of hard candy, coloring book with crayons (8 count) and an orange! Wonderful memories of those parties!!
We went to many big band dances there, one of our favorite places to dance.


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